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G'Day Mate! That looks killer! Are you going to manufacture some extra's for your SSR Fanatic Buds? I'm in if you do! Is that 2nd shot taken in a park in Saskatoon? That's a nice area! Some Australian Technology in Action!!:smile2::glol:glol:glol:glol

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The first picture shows where I had just taken it off the Laser Cut Machine Bed, then welded it together after putting it through the Steel Plate Rollers.
The small stand pipe in the top left hand corner is there to support a small BBQ plate to accommodate cooked snacks for visitors and guests when they come to join us.
The second photo is taken in where we installed the Fire Pit Ring with 500 Bricks cemented together in a 10 foot diameter circle.
We then installed 2 sets of 2 person swivel chairs with tables and 1 set of a 4 person, swivel table and chairs, all in our back yard.
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