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i just happened to be watching local abc television out of dallas tx last night and they had a commercial/advertisement that said something about a new chevy ssr that would be given away as a promotional ad for the survivor, palau tv show. i caught the last part of the show about 8:00 pm central time. didn't catch all the details though as i was talking to someone on the phone when the commercial came on. did anyone else in north texas see this last night? if so, did you get the details on the giveaway? :confused

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Its the Survivor fantasy league. I'm not in it but for anyone interested click here

Since Survivor was brought up. My sister insists that in the ad where the SSR is backing on to the hauler (final ad on Survivor the last few weeks) that the front wheel is missing the ramp as it is backing on. I haven't focused on it that closely. Has anyone else seen this or does someone have a copy to slow down or freeze frame to check it???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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