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Is this for real or am I missing something? The SSR that was to be delivered was taken back or what? I hear that they might scrap all the SSR`s built as of today, this came from my dealer..........

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New Axles?

I just read this:

American Axle Wins Chevrolet SSR Contract
Automotive News via NewsEdge Corporation : Automotive News, August 25 2003

American Axle wins deal to supply SSR driveline

DETROIT - American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. will supply the driveline system for the 2004 Chevrolet SSR.

American Axle provides the rear axle, driveshaft, stabilizer system and rear stabilizer bar links for the SSR, which uses the platform from the automaker's mid-sized SUV.

Chevrolet is exploring a van version of the SSR for the 2007 model year.

American Axle, of Detroit, is a supplier of chassis and driveline systems, forged products, and axle driveline modules.


Who made the 2003's drive line?
Is this why they've gone back?

And what is this "Van version" of the SSR? I don't think that is something I want to see :eek.

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new axles

While it is not exactly a van version of the SSR,
GM will produce a suburban-like vehicle called the HHR,
which stands for heritage high-roof. It will be an
entry level vehicle like the PT and will sport as
standard equipment a 4 cyl engine.

Since the general has done so well? on the SSR
it already has plans for a spinoff.

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