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Even Reader's Digest thinks that the SSR is hot.

Best Tailgate Party: Any tailgate bash will be complete with the following items:

BBQ Sauce: Roadhouse Hot & Spicy lives up to its name.
Cooker: The Freedom Grill hooks on the back of your vehicle with a standard hitch.
Beer: Our three faves are Brooklyn Lager, Rogue Ales Dead Guy Ale and Redhook ESB.
Cool Wheels: The Chevy SSR is the most eye-popping two-seater ever.
Table Wine: We polled the experts, and then we tasted. Hayman & Hill Russian River Valley Reserve Chardonnay, Rancho Zabaco 2001 Dancing Bull Zinfandel, and Renwood Winery 2001 Sierra Series Syrah are tops.
Alterna-Soda: Vernor's Ginger Ale has been a Detroit specialty for over 130 years

Just makes me can't wait for football season.
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