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List of issues regarding ownership of a SSR that a new owner or potential buyer might be aware. This list is composed of issues that have arisen over the lifespan of numerous SSRs and is not endemic to the SSR fleet. There are many happy owners of trouble-free examples of this unique vehicle. Almost everything on this list, through the hard-work and dedication of SSR Fanatics members, has been addressed as fixable.

Be sure to visit Dicktator's One Drive as the authoritative reference for repairs and enhancements to the SSR. This amazing source has 100+ downloadable files that provide instruction to correcting nearly every issue experienced with the SSR. is the source for upgrade parts to many SSR systems.

The attached .pdf file is not all-inclusive and I will update as experienced owners add to this thread. This is not intended to cover routine maintenance issues, just issues unique to this vehicle.

PriISSUERisk ofCat.Recommendation
1Tire Age / ConditionBlowoutSReplace (OEM 255/45R19 front - 295/40R20 rear)
2Mismatch Bed Light and FuseFireSReplace w/ LED & 1-amp fuse
(Dktr or S/E)
3No start / Eng shutdown HOTNo transportationS/PRepair fusebox broken wire (05-06 models) (Dktr)
4Overheat / radiator fan failEngine "Limp-mode"PReplace w/ improved fan (S/E)
5Overheat / thermostat failEngine "Limp-mode"PReplace w/ improved thermostat (S/E)
6Overheat / weak airflowEngine "Limp-mode"PReplace air dam/scoop (S/E)
7Plastic Radiator SupportBreak apartSReplace with metal radiator support (S/E)
8ABS Module Solder MeltLoss of ABSSABS Heat Shield (S/E)
9Transmission will not shiftNo transportationPReplace lower/upper shifter kit (Dktr or S/E)
10No start COLD/ ignitionNo transportationPReplace ignition switch (Dktr or S/E)
11No start COLD/ batteryNo transportationPCharge or Replace battery (check Alternator & Ground points)
12Inside door pull failureCannot open door from inside (pull handle mount)PInstall Door Fix Kit (Dktr or S/E)
13Front end Twist / BounceReduced stabilityPInstall Front Stiffening Plate (S/E)
14Rear end Twist / BounceReduced stabilityPInstall 4-bolt Cross-member (S/E)
15Roof Hydraulic Cylinder LeakTop Fails to open/closePRemove and Repair (Cabriolet Hydraulics)
16Roof Pneumatic Cylinders WeakFail to assist roof hydraulicsPRemove and Replace (S/E or Dktr)
17Hood Emblem SupportMounting FailCAdd Emblem Support (S/E)
Dktr = Dicktator (SSR Fanatics)
S/E = Simple Engineering
Cat. = Category
- S = Safety
- P = Performance
- C = Cosmetic


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Hey @carlbush ...... great start on sharing info for new owners. I am highly supportive, but need to offer a “food for thought” post.......

Although this type of list is of great value when a new owner is looking for the things that may give him trouble, I don’t want to give a bad impression of the entire SSR fleet. I highly recommend that we consistently share that the vast majority of SSRs are operating trouble-free. With 100 million miles per year (20k vehicles at 5,000 miles per year) being put on the fleet, the actual number of problems the typical owner actually sees is probably rather small. The broad view we have on this forum tends to highlight the minority.
This has always been a challenge in the past and I am disheartened when people jump to the conclusion that the fleet has many mechanical issues. It does not. What we see here on this forum is the willing help of many to solve any issue that surfaces. Those In the SSR community with the years of experience in the SSR are quick to share that knowledge because of the inherent “Boy Scout” mentality. It’s a great thing and I wholeheartedly support it, but at first glance may lead a newbie to be cautious about purchasing a vehicle.

I appreciate and support this list. Thank you for creating it. The new web site I have been working on for Most of the last year is nearly ready to go live. There is a large section of that web site that Is dedicated to repair and maintenance items. I have to be sure that there is an appropriate caveat on that section....... To avoid scaring anyone off....

My two cents and best regards,


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Mike in AZ, many thanks for your comments! As you and other members may know from my posts the last few months, I just bought my 06 in February. I REALLY like it, and so far there's been absolutely no problems. But from many of the posts I've read talking about necessary repairs, upgrades, etc, it's like I half-expect, waiting even, to have some kind of problem any time I take it out. It's almost like you say, the impression that the vehicle is inherently defective. I now feel much more comfortable knowing that's NOT the case. And that if I do have a problem, there's a great bunch of guys out there to assist

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I bought an '06 new and it's been my daily driver for 14 years. I've had a couple of the problems in Carl's list plus some of the things I did as hopefully a preventive measure. Those I'll never know if was necessary but makes me feel better. The bottom line is I've had less trouble with the SSR than any of the other new cars I bought.
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