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Had a prompt-to Linner yesterday in Brandon.

Linner is Not Lunch, Not Dinner, it's in between Lunch and Dinner ie. - LINNER! 3PM

Tim/Pam Zion aka Tim's Toy called for a get together before going NORTH for 7 weeks.


1. FORD Garage
2. Sillypuddy, Kathy, Tim's Toy
3. Kathy drove her new car.
4. Right/Left - Kathy/Dicktator, Ed aka Sillypuddy, Alex/Cheryl, Debbie, Pam/Tim.
5. Kathy/Dicktator havind ICE CREAM! (See this Chuckstr??)


2004 UV
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Your in trouble now Dicktator when Chukster see's who your eating ice cream with.....No SSR time up here been meeting with contractors since we closed on the house last week, what a pain looks like everybody is doing remodeling this time of the year. That will change in July looking to make a run to Buffalo....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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