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There seems to be a lot of variation by dealer and region on price and am wondering if members might like to comment on price in their area.... (i.e in Houston the market seems to be moving SSr's @ MSRP less $2000 or more)

Over the past 6-8 weeks I have been researching/following transaction pricing for the overal market. To me, there are some obvious trends including:

> there are still a lot of 2003 SSr's in dealer inventory. Most dealers have given up and will sell their 2003 for MSRP or less but there are some that still think they should be at a significant premium. Given that there were only about 3500 made such that they should be all gone this is "perplexing";

> at the current rate of production, there should be 12 to 15 thousand 2004 SSr's manufactured. Most were ordered at or near full content (MSRP $45-46k) as greedy dealers tried to take advantage of what was thought to be a very strong market. Note that less than 2% do not have the 1SB package (which many of us have found to be a practical waste of $1900 unless you have to have heated seats). The few trucks with 1SA seem to have sold (particularly if the have the factory $895 Bedrug in back);

> dealers who are selling SSr's are now selling them at MSRP, and in most cases, for less than MSRP as they realize demand at the $45k plus level is no where near the 15 thousand units Chevrolet is likely to produce and it is getting late in the model year;

> the recent annoucement that there will be an "upgraded" SSr in 2005, with a more powerful engine, will cause many buyers to wait and see what 2005 brings such that, unless there is a significant price increase (unlikely as the vehicle would truly be too expensive) the value of the 2004 SSr's will drop materially as dealers rush to rid themselves of obsolete 2003/4's and GM is likley to have to provide incentives (not unlike what Ford ended up having to do with the Blackwood and Thunderbird after the bloom was off them thar roses, which will be good for consumers.......

WTS, what is happening with prices in your area? This will help those who want to buy now get a fair market deal..... :thumbs
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