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SSR numbering

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Now that I have my new toy, I was wondering how the numbering of the Vin# works. My vin is 1GCES14P84B114013. Any help is greatly appriciated.
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Didn't say what I meant

Marc NY said:
Well Rebel looks like it is my turn to say opps... :banghead Here is a reply I that I just found after I revisited that whole thread "2004 Production figures" by Kieth / kwhopper89

If we use PP's #3438 as being the first 04 produced and add the total of 10,676 actual units produced (04 Model Year) to it, then the last 04 should be #14114.

Watch Six's SSR #14013 would then be near the end of the last 04s built.

Ps I understand that there is a book in the works that will have all the actual figures and numbers for the 03 MY. Perhaps then we can determine the actual beginning and ending numbers for all the model years.
Well the headbanging :banghead continues. I did mis-state that I was the first '04 production unit...when I am not. Clearly I should have said I was the "1st '04 UV production" unit built.

I believe the 1st '04 production unit was #3362 based on info from another thread.

Production number post

Now all can do the math to see where they fall in the production time line.


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You are VIN#8025. Color doesn't matter as they are sequential off the line.


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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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