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SSR numbering

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Now that I have my new toy, I was wondering how the numbering of the Vin# works. My vin is 1GCES14P84B114013. Any help is greatly appriciated.
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Hey Watch Six,

Were you driving your Red SSr on Saturday in the elephant Bar parking lot near the Willows? I was driving my brand new silver SSR going to Claim Jumpers and I saw someone driving their red SSR there. Was it you? Funny if it was. :thumbs
My brother and my best buddy are both police officers in Concord so I have a pass in your town! :D

I'll tell him to give you a pass as well, he's cool about that kind of stuff.


I live in Fairfield, my girlfriend lives in Benicia, and with my brother there I am in Concord all the time.

I was going to buy a black 2004 SSR at your dealership but there were too many miles on it. I got a 2004 in silver two weeks ago with 24 miles on the odometer. I was bummed because I wanted black very badly!!! Your sales manager was a nice guy, we spoke on the phone quite a lot.

If I see you again I will honk!!! :cool
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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