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Mobil 1

The 05's require Mobil 1 just like a Corvette engine. Since GM requires it on their high performance engines should do well in our 5.3 liter. :cheers

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Your Choice

Rollex said:
What kind of oil is best reccomended for an 04' SSR?

I first changed mine at 750 miles and then added Mobil 1. I think regular oil changes are a must... but the added insurance of Mobil 1 is what I was looking for and wanted to use.

You will find other threads where others stated their choice of oil and frequency for their oil changes etc.

Enjoy your new 04 SSR.

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I had the oil changed on my 03 SSR after 650 miles (1 month of ownership) by the dealership more so because of the amount of time the oil had been in the engine. My 03 SSR was was sitting on the sales lot until I purchased it in 6/2004. Even though the DIC stated I had 90% left on my oil, the amount of time was not being factored into the DIC's calculation. Keep that in mind if you're buying an 03/04 SSR that's been on the lot for a while.
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