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SSR on American Hotrod

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Has any one seen the Black SSR on American Hotrod. I was wondering if it is a prodject that Boyd is working on, or is it his truck. This is the second week that I have seen it at the shot. I am trying to find out from Discovery how lond did they film this episode and when they did it. Good thing that I have a inside track there. :)
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I saw it too! Got a quick glimpse of a bodyline and was trying to convince my guests it was in the shop there........waiting, missed it :lurk

Then finally caught it again with witnesses!! Solid Smokin Asphalt, no apparent customes yet..........Wondering what she's in for?
Ya never know ;) The fun is just beginning, when the SSR becomes the one they all wanna tinker with!! :ssr

He's a very cool guy! I enjoy all these shows! Can relate most of the time :rolleyes: Always looking forward to their ;) next creation!!
Those guys work hard, put up with lots of tudes, and get it done!! :thumbs
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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