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SSR options going up in price????

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On ebay there is an 05 6 speed for sale in Texas. The 1SB option is listed on the sticker at $2000. My sticker shows I paid $1900. Also the dealer installed gauges are $400. I thought they were $350. Why the price increase on a vehicle that already isn't selling? Check it out.
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Could be because of Drop in Production

It could be because of the production slow down. GM is not ordering as many gauges and whatever. Thus, the vendor orders less parts and does not get a good a deal. For instance, many organizations base their pricing on purchasing a certain quantity. If one comes back and says instead of buying "X" parts I want "X-1000" parts then there is a price increase because the vendor is not able to get the same price on his raw materials. In other words, he doesn't get the volume discount he used to get.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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