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Hi everyone,

I bought an ssr a month ago , in turkey. The ssr has been my dream car for a long time.
I was very happy to drive the car out of the galery. But i had a little problem. The fan didnt work. So the engine locked itself and the antrifreeze went out.

That was a very big dissapointment. In my second km the car broke down. It was a easy problem so it got fixed.

But now there is something else. There is still lots of heat problem. I put it 2 extra fans that start before the orriginal one, so that it balance the heat. :banghead

The original fan starts at 3/4. Whish i think is around 240 . My question is : Is this normal ? I love this car , but when i am in trafic i hate seing the heat going up so much

Please let me know , ıf this is normal or what i can do abotu it.

Thank you very much .



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You arent mentioning what the outside Temp. is. Maybe the problem is because the Engine locked up and they overlooked something when they did the fix. I hope that this problem gets fixed so you can happily drive your dream! And welcome to our group!

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It's 91 in Cubuk today , where do you live, SSR.Turkey?

It will be 90 in Pomona, California today, breakout a cold 1... :cheers

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So, who's exporting the SSR's?

What's the going price in Turkey? That delivery fee has to be pretty steep...
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