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SSR Owner Loyalty Program?

2949 Views 22 Replies 15 Participants Last post by  Sam Fowler
This was something I posted on another thread, but I decided to make it a thread instead.
What do the rest of you think? :confused

The SSR will be like the Cadillac Allante built from 1987-1993. Cadillac waited until it's last year to put the "Northstar" engine in the car, and offer more colors.
Those $60,000.00 cars tanked pretty quickly, but the 1993 has hovered around the $25,000.00 range for the past 12 years or so.
Chevrolet needs to do something in the way of owner loyalty, the way Cadillac did back in 1990, or 91. I was working at Roger Meier Cadillac in Dallas, and we sold more Allante's than anyone in the world.
I can't remember exactly what it was, but sales were slow, and Cadillac offered current Allante owners a chance to get into a new one for as little as $4,000.00.
It was just CRAZY, and when we called people they couldn't believe it, until they drove off the lot in their new cars!
The trade ins sold for a LOT less than Cadillac gave for them, but they paid the money anyway.
Cadillac wanted to keep the Allante alive, and show good sales numbers to raise the "prestige" of the rest of the line.
"HINT HINT" Maybe Chevrolet should make some kind of an offer for 03 and 04 SSR owners to "step up" into a 2005? They can keep the plants open, and keep cranking them out, and keep people working.
Anyone out there from Chevrolet listening?.............................................
..................................................................................(Crikets chirping). :yawn
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Won't give it up

I have the 1st UV off the production line, and as a discontinued color I'd take a beating (physicallly) rather than give it up to move up. Won't happen with P/P


Peace :flag
Sam Fowler said:
Don't tell me that if someone from your local Chevy dealership called you up and said, for $4,000.00 you can trade for a brand new 2005 SSR in your color choice, you wouldn't RUN down the street keys in hand! :willy:
Sam, it's not a money issue. I am totally pleased with what I have. From the responses after your post you can see I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I have some things I want to do which leave my fingerprints on this vehicle. Right now nothing is as important as that.

If someone came along and wanted to trade me even, what I have for a new one, I wouldn't do it. I'm just not interested. For me money is not the driving force. I can understand that many would, and it would be great for them. I just hear a different drummer.


Peace :flag
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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