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Ok we are having a little debate here.
Beer drinking ssr owners vs Wine drinking ssr owners...
I have found that the beer drinkers don't like Ford trucks !!!!
The wine drinkers do...
What other stereo types can we add?

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Beer Wine or Scotch

Drink them all and still can't stand Fords :cuss

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Why waste time drinking rocky mountain water or spoiled grapes when theres Jack to talk to. Spent the weekend with my son's former Marine buddies, helping him celebrate his new found nuptuels. As of today, the fog is starting to clear. If 5 young men dare you to out drink them, be aware, its a trap. They will take their turn drinking you under the table. I gave it my best shot, I stood up for all of you older guys, but in the end, I lost count of 24 hours. :nono :nono :nono Boy does that hurt. Do not try this at home, I thought I was a trained professional :lol :lol
Mike :cool

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Beer Drinker

I'm a beer drinker by choice. And my choice of beer is Miller High Life. Not that lite cr**, but the full flavoured, full caloried stuff that is the champaign of beers. I do not drink wine nor any other spirits, since 1990 when I decided to purchase my first brand new truck. I figured out that if I could spend $250.00 per week drinking (back then this is alot, equal sum today would be around $750.00) then I could afford me a new truck buy giving it all up. So I did and I have all the toys I want.

As for Fords, I own only one. A 1972 Gran Torino Sport Cobrajet. This one happens to be one of only 500 built as a factory race car with 4 spd., 9"rear end, and no extra hp robbing options (had to build a few of these for the public to be able to run the Daytona, and Talledaga speedways). I have had Ford trucks in the past and pretty much everyone of them had there problems, therefore, I stick to GMC trucks (like the commercial says "A better grade of truck")

On the lighter side, my mom's new husband loves Ford trucks and wants me to rebuil it for him (it's completely rusted out and he has stuck more money into it than it's worth). I told him to bring it over and I would rebuild it for him to the point that he wouldn't recognize it. Also told him not to be affraid if it looks a lot like a brand new GMC and not a Ford. :glol :glol :glol

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Great choice

FUZZY said:
I'm a beer drinker by choice. ... equal sum today would be around $750.00 then I could afford me a new truck...
Hey Fuzzy,

Wow that sure was a whole lot of drinking to give up or even better yet ... a whole lof of extra money to save! That was a great choice you made there ... :thumbs

Now look at what an awesome vehicle you now own with that outstanding paint job on it too! :jester

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FUZZY, I'm on your wavelength

For the most part, only drink beer. NO lite stuff, or draft, either. My preference is Corona, but known to have an Icehouse, or in a dinner situation have some Baileys in coffee.
No hard stuff, and only with an arm twist will have a glass of wine. The arm twist would have come from my 5'1" spouse.


Peace :flag

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Bubbly, boys, bubbly

Been there, did all that -way back in the 60's when we did more than just booze. Lots o' years in a fog...but made it! Nuthing like a nice cold Coors Lite, White Zin or half a bottle of bubbly to get you through whatever! Brain cells...wha' brain cells, booze kills of the weak ones right? HAH... :cool

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My $.02

Prefer single malt Scotch - McCallan if they have it.

Beer when eating crawfish, crab, or even breathing in South Louisiana and when playing golf.

Wine - in memory of my 13 years in Southern California, before ascending to Texas.

If Ford was up against the Third Reich - I'd have to root for Hitler.

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I'm a beer drinker but it has to be real beer the darker the better and it helps if it is a micro brewed beer. I only drink that yellow swill if that is all there is. :lol

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Merlot! (or anything red, purple, white)

Wine is my favorite followed by tequilla :lol ...hubby likes the beer but we've both owned as many Fords as we have Chevys and still have one of each in the driveway :thumbs Ford - his, Chevy - mine

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