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SSR owners.. Beer or Wine ????

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Ok we are having a little debate here.
Beer drinking ssr owners vs Wine drinking ssr owners...
I have found that the beer drinkers don't like Ford trucks !!!!
The wine drinkers do...
What other stereo types can we add?
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Bubbly, boys, bubbly

Been there, did all that -way back in the 60's when we did more than just booze. Lots o' years in a fog...but made it! Nuthing like a nice cold Coors Lite, White Zin or half a bottle of bubbly to get you through whatever! Brain cells...wha' brain cells, booze kills of the weak ones right? HAH... :cool
in my day...

anything that went down and stayed down was jest fine! Tree hugging, aging hippies with lots of COOL....thaz us. Take a look in our garages now and see what kind of toys we have, days of living off the land are long gawn and we're enjoying the fruits of our 30-40 years of labor. :cool
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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