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SSR owners.. Beer or Wine ????

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Ok we are having a little debate here.
Beer drinking ssr owners vs Wine drinking ssr owners...
I have found that the beer drinkers don't like Ford trucks !!!!
The wine drinkers do...
What other stereo types can we add?
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My $.02

Prefer single malt Scotch - McCallan if they have it.

Beer when eating crawfish, crab, or even breathing in South Louisiana and when playing golf.

Wine - in memory of my 13 years in Southern California, before ascending to Texas.

If Ford was up against the Third Reich - I'd have to root for Hitler.
wildcat66 said:
Don't drink beer of any sorts, or wine. But anything with rum added will not sit around for long. And of course Margaritta's I prefer the Strawberry or Mango.
And maybe the occasional Mudslide :lol
An SSR's Wife said:
I said that I wanted some more stereo types for SSR owners, not what you like to drink !!!!!
But apparently you asked a bunch of drunks and they misunderstood the question. I'm just a knock around the world oilfield hand who finally got past kids and all that stuff so I could afford this baby.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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