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SSR Parts on gmpartsdirect

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I have been researching parts to put on my '05 and taking advice from fellow forum members took a look at

I noticed that they sell the Satin Chrome running boards that I am after (Part # 12499191) and they sell another set of running boards specifically for the various colors of the cars, like for my Ricochet Silver (part # 12499196) .

No pictures on the site though so I do not know which to get. Are the running boards that go with the specific car colors different from the Satin Chrome that I had on my '04 SSR? Are the color specific ones painted to the cars color?

One dissapointing feature is the lack of pictures! Does anyone have pics of the color specific running boards! I would like to see them before I make a decision!

THANKS!!! :cool :flag
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There just like the one that come on the ssr from the factory. The colors are a factory match. But I don't know if the satin and the ric. silver are the same color. The price is about the same so I would get the ric. silver if thats the color of your SSR. I know this cause I have a brand new set of Redline Red. I got from them on a shelf in the garage.They come with all the hardware. Took bout 2 months to get them. Traded my 03 for a 05 that had the red boards on it. NO REFUNDS on special order parts. That why I have a set. Will sell them later. But if you want runnig boards thats were to get them.

Paul Perinati :ssr
Placerville, CA
Go to Gallery on top of screen. Click on members SSR photos. There like 500 photos of members. The one's with running boards on it. Pretty much all are factory boards Silver and colored. hope this helps
1 - 2 of 18 Posts