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What do you think the ebay actions indicate?

  • Are the dealers overestimating the demand?

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Are SSR prices headed below MSRP?

    Votes: 5 83.3%

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I have been watching the SSRs on ebay for two weeks. I saw one sell for MSRP+. I have seen one other offer above MSRP and it did not meet reserve. NONE of the other 10 or so have had offers above MSRP.

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ebay pricing

I emailed a dealer here in Jacksonville requesting a quote. He has one listed on ebay for $50,000 buy it now price. He said most of the vehicles are not sold during regular bidding but by people getting in touch after auction is over. He said last two they had sold for over $50,000 to people from out of the area. That was over a month ago when there were only a handful in the whole state. I told him good luck on that price and if he wanted to come down under MSRP to give me a call.
I've been watching ebay for a while and haven't seen too many go for over MSRP. Most end without a sale.
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