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SSR Raffle to benefit mentally retarded

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Hello everyone. My name is Chris Stevenson, the Executive Diretor of Apple Patch Community. We are a nonprofit that is building a specialized community on 47 acres in Crestwood, Kentucky that will help individuals with mental retardation live independently of their parents.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on # 1345 - a red SSR at a local Chevrolet dealer in Louisville to raffle to help raise funds to make this community a reality.

We are still a few weeks from having our tickets and brochures printed, but wanted to gauge your response on your interest in this raffle.

The details are as follows:

Only 2,500 tickets available at $100 each.

1st prize - A new RED Chevy SSR or $40,000 cash
2nd prize - $5,000 Cash
3rd prize - $2,500 Cash
4th - 10th - $500 Cash
11th - 25th - $250

You have a 1 in 100 chance of winning a prize.

Your feed back would be appreciated.

If you need more information about Apple Patch, please visit our website at

- Chris
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:grouphug A wonderful idea for a wonderful group. I hope you raise a ton of dough for your cause...I can relate since some of my students are TMR and EMR. Good for you. Will visit the site and buy a ticket!
:cry Just went to the link and it did not work. Just a blank page.

Cruzned: Try again. I got through to the ApplePatch

Community website. Very worthy cause..and a

chance for another SSR!!


Let me know about the raffle. I'll buy a ticket. J.M. SSR#557
I'll keep you all informed

Thanks to those who responded favorably to this raffle idea. I will post another message when The Apple Patch website is ready to accept your ticket orders. The best thing you can do is pass on the word that we have this raffle. Many families are counting on the success of this raffle to pay for fees associated with the development of this unique community. Again, please visit if you need more information about us.

Talk with you all soon.

Chris Stevenson
Executive Director
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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