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SSR Rear Spoiler

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I just got the rear spoiler from a friends 2005 GTO, And installed it on my SSR. He has the Yellow, Even though they were different color codes, the yellow is a spot on perfect match. The sides of the Goat spoiler flow perfectly with the truck, almost re-creating the body flow of the fenders shapes. It looks as if it was designed for our trucks.


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Does tonneau still pop completely open?

Does the small added weight from the spoiler prevent the tonneau from popping all the way open when the remote is activated? I had the carpet/ tonneau light package installed by dealer after purchase and even that makes opening sluggish at times.
Bill Scott said:
I'm with BUFFY, I wasn't to hot on the spoiler idea either until your post ,it looks like it belongs there rather than the add-on look. Can't wait to see more pictures from different angles. THANKS :seeya

Spoiler really does look like it belongs from all angles. Really flows well with the contour of the vehicle. Sharp exterior mods too! Even if you have to lift the tonneau open (doesn't sound like you will need to) it would be worth it for a look like that! :thumbs
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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