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SSR rentals?

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Anyone else been approached with a proposal to rent their SSR for a day? What do you think of such a thing?
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Yeah, right...

:glol No freakin' way. I will gladly make the truck available for photo shoots and the like, however the only person positioning the SSR will be me. Heck, I get squeamish when my wife drives it.

You know the saying, "F**k it, it's a rental"? That's exactly how the prospective renters will treat it, I don't care who they are or what their reputation is. They can't afford an SSR, but they think for a small fee they can live the dream for a day, and they will make every attempt to maximize that opportunity. Never, Never, Never.

Now, if the interested party has something of equal value they're willing to collateralize, it's a different story. e.g. if Boyd Coddington pulled up in his latest creation and asked to swap keys for a cruise, I'd make the exception. I've also swapped with a friend who has a 59 Vette. That's fair - and I really don't worry about their treatment of the SSR, since I know how they treat their own cars.

no way i would rent mine to be driven
I would, $50,000 a day...
Now there's an idea!

Probably wouldn't get many takers, but what the hey!:agree
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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