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Sales continue to be extremely soften as confirmed by a number of dealers we have spoken with.

According to Autodata figures out earlier this week, the deliveries to customers for leader of the "American Revolution" (apologies to the WSJ) are now at 167 days and increasing quickly. This means that a large portion of the 12-13 thousand plus SSRs made to date remain in dealers hands. WTS, am told that production continues at a rate of about 70 per day as the Craft Center continues to produce dealers' orders. :banghead

The dealers we know are very concerned about the overhang and p.o.'d the unwillingness of Chevrolet Division to support the SSR with any financing or rebate programs as of this week. They all seem to sense that this vehicle is turning into the same situaiton as the Lincoln Blackwood and the Ford Thunderbird and are leery about ordering 05's but also know they will be the ones purchasers will want..... a real puzzle for the marketers.... :nopity

Dealers that are in touch with the market are willing to sell at or near dead cost <invoice less holdback (3%) plus marketing allowance (varies by area) + $500>. The main issue is that most of the SSR's out there are loaded and north of $46 thousand MSRP which means the dead cost is still in the low $40k's.... :angel
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