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A co-worker sighted one of the media SSRs
in north Ft Worth, TX on Sunday, the 14th.
It was obviously the ultra violet color.

Today, a friend called me after he saw a red
SSR in the same area. He was sure that it
was mine, since he hadn't heard from me
lately. It was on the freeway so he couldn't
track it down. So, as far as I know somebody
in the area has one and is driving it!!

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One of the guys in my office has seen a Red SSR in the Hulen area of Fort Worth 3 or 4 time in the last 2 weeks.

GM, where is my Yellow SSR:cry :banghead :cry :banghead

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As far as I know these are all EVAL models being tested by GM employees in different parts of the country. There are no SSR that has been sold to the public yet. Just so sick of this...

Do you think the first 25 have leaking tops? Oh boy, the winter is coming...

Leaky tops

Won't matter even on resale on the first 25 about leaky tops. They will never see bad weather anyway. As far as the regular production models, I hope they resolve this problem before they release any of them This should have been addressed long before now by GM. Like I mentioned earlier, lets just wait til January, get the top corrected, and give us all 2005 models. A manufacturer can title a vehicle as an 05 after Jan 1.
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