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Okay - We're making PREPAINTED Wings!!

The paint is in the guns.............want yours??

Smokin Asphalt

The Spoiler is a really cool addition, includes many of the body lines from the SSR including the nice spine from the front all the way into the wing. Give it that Nascar bite!!

We've got a few in going out in these colors .....get yours prepainted!!

A group of Fanatics have theirs on order, don't miss out on the PREPAINTED option!!
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Axiom Thanks for the opinion - every bit counts!! :cool[/QUOTE said:
Hey Axiom, I'm glad you're taking Joe's comments as constructive critisism.

As with anything that we do to improve our "baby", people will either love it or hate it! (Just ask Rebel when he asked about port holes in his hood!)

But, I'm sure that in the early stages, someone on the GM executive staff probably said, "Boy, is that an UGLY truck you're designing!' Again, this is why Baskin & Robbins carries 57 flavors!

Axion, good luck with the spoiler (and everything else that you have crerated) and Joe, don't stop giving the feedback. We will all accept it as a gift.
Hmmmmmmm, did I say 57 flavors?

Dang Diggs, you've caught my FIRST mistake as a Moderator!

I would like to present you with the first (and surely not the last) "I CAUGHT THE MODERATOR'S MISTAKE AWARD" also known as MMA.
:lol :lol
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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