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Okay - We're making PREPAINTED Wings!!

The paint is in the guns.............want yours??

Smokin Asphalt

The Spoiler is a really cool addition, includes many of the body lines from the SSR including the nice spine from the front all the way into the wing. Give it that Nascar bite!!

We've got a few in going out in these colors .....get yours prepainted!!

A group of Fanatics have theirs on order, don't miss out on the PREPAINTED option!!
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Axiom's Spoiler Looks Hot!

I think Axiom's spoiler looks hot! I bought one. It makes the SSR look even sleeker than it is! Although I like the price of the spoiler that Ghostrider found much much better, maybe if enough people purchase Axiom's spoiler the price will go down for the people who purchase after us. Or :agree Or maybe some of us who have already purchased might receive a rebate or discounts on any future items (I prefer the rebate idea better)! :thumbs The same goes for spoiler that Ghostrider found. If you like it then purchasing as a group may result in larger discounts or a rebate for the group or anyone who comes after you.

As SSR Fanatics we look out for each other and take care of each other! That is what is great about this site!

E :seeya
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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