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Flew to the twin cities last week and while driving spotted a yellow SSR. Couldn't catch up before it turned off and I forget how to access member's states to check if anyone is registered from Minneapolis. Can't even be sure it was locally registered as I didn't get close enough.

Was nice to see though. Although I live in New York (Long Island) here is where I have seen other SSR's:

New York (not mine - 1) - yellow
Burlington Vermont - red
Minneapolis, Minnesota - yellow
Pikesville Maryland - yellow

It makes me think we should create a way to communicate to SSR's that we pass that we too are fellow SSR owners. Some sort of wave or signal.

I have tried yelling "are you a Fanatic" but it doesn't work at 70 or so miles an hour in heavy traffic! :lol

1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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