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Axiom said:
Hi Everyone! We have had many of your members contact us in regards to our new Styling Kit for your SSR. So here is an update.

You can order now!!
The pieces are tooled, first articles done and ready for order! Currently available are the Front Fascia, The Wing, (Hard)Passenger Tonneau, Grille, Exhaust Closeout Panel, Roll Bar and the Air Ducts!!

The Pricing will follow tomorrow!

This Vehicle Premiering in the SEMA 04 Vegas show in November, as the Detroit Locker "Detroit Enduro" the story can be found at:
Contact us for Photos..........we can't get them to post here yet. [email protected]

Does anyone know how to become a subscribing member or advertiser without using paypal? How do we contact the webmaster for SSRFANATIC ?
I am one member that contacted you several times about specific pricing on several items. Never heard back other than an automatic e-mail stating my request was received and someone would be getting back to me. Not going to sell much that way!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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