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Here is the email that Axiom sent out last night. No prices received yet.

Attached are some "first article" shots per your request. We have also included a brief in regards to the press release and scheduling of the order and product release dates. We will have pricing available This week of 10/10/04 for those who would like to place a their Orders to receive the first released products.

Axiom Design Solutions, Inc. is a new company, compiled of a great group of talented persons who have worked together previously on other projects. We are currently completing this Enduro project , building our site and planning new products - Thank You for your patience while we are under "construction"


Hello, SSR Enthusiasts:

We are the marketing, public Relations agency for a brand new company (Axiom Design Solutions in Costa Mesa, CA). It seems that a good deal of information has been discussed recently, regarding this company and it’s product line, which will be released November 8, 2004.

Our agency, DJ&F International, represents many clients in the aftermarket from superchargers to differentials. We’ve been in business for over 15 years. Our expertise is new product launches. We are proud to be associated with this team of designers and we have a very tight calculated business plan.

To get to the point, Axiom Design Solutions is under contract with our client Tractech (producers of the Detroit Locker) and the General Motors Chevrolet division to design and produce saleable parts for the Chevy SSR using our project vehicle “The Detroit Enduro”. Axiom, as a new company with years of experience in this kind of work, has done a tremendous job within a very tight time frame. The contract with the corporate clients listed above specifies that any products that result from this project will not be released until November 8. 2004 (after the SEMA Show). I have attached a recent news release circulated throughout the media for obvious reasons.

We have begun our production/design schedule and have the products listed below for sale to the general public. Axiom Design Solutions is working night and day to finish this project, tool for parts, and determine accurate ‘cost of goods’ for pricing purposes, and update the website.

**These NOVEMBER 8 RELEASE ITEMS can be ORDERED the Week of 10/10/04 to assure your receipt of one of the first pieces released (shipped) on 11/08/04 following the SEMA debut.

Available November 8, 2004 ORDER NOW
Front fascia with brake cooling inlets
Rear Wing
Rear fender brake cooling inlets

Rear panel for covering the OE exhaust outlets

Driver side roll bar, which clears the top assembly

Grill bar covers for matching the top grille bar effect

Composite ‘tonneau’ cover for passenger side (including drop down vinyl or canvas panel with storage pockets)

By the first of 2005 we expect to introduce:

Custom composite hood with air inlets/outlets

3”and 4”side exhaust system with cut-outs (electronic in-dash diverters of exhaust to side pipes on demand)

Choice of two spring sets for lowering (mild and extreme)

By April 2005 we expect to introduce:

Side opening hood assembly with hydraulic stabilizer

Second more aggressive hood design

A composite console with room for aftermarket electronics and badly needed storage

Unique composite running boards

All Axiom Products will be emissions compliant and not effect the OE configuration or require any modifications to the top assembly, seats, or other factory designed systems. All pricing is ‘to be determined’

All Axiom Design Solutions products are 100% guaranteed to fit and the company offers full protection against any defects what-so-ever.

If any of you have any questions regarding the explanation above, please contact our office and we’ll be very happy to answer your questions personally

(805) 382-2131 or [email protected].


Again, Thank You for your patience, and we will contact you this coming week to provide you with pricing for the Products currently available for order.

Axiom Design Solutions, Inc.

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Axiom Pics

I posted the pics supplied by Axiom in the gallery under the modified SSR heading.

I really like the look of the side pipes. Wonder if they would work with the sidesteps. :confused
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