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~ SSR Survey Results ~

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February 8, 2005

Troy Roberts
Marc Carpenter

Dear Troy and Marc:

I want to thank both of you for your consistent and strong support of the Chevrolet SSR—especially for taking the time to poll your members. We were quite pleased to see 320 responses to the simple question: “What are your top five SSR suggestions or items you wish the SSR had?” What an impressive response!

I have reviewed the list of items you provided to me and will share the complete list with both the GM Program Execution Team and the GM SPO Accessory Program Development team. Be aware that many of the items on the list are things we have already brainstormed, and some may make it, and some may not. I have divided up the list into areas of the vehicle and have indicated selected items on the list that are of particular interest to Chevrolet. They include:

It was great to see such interest in paint and color options. This is an area that we continuously pursue to stay on top of current vehicle and fashion trends. We have and will continue to keep the SSR color palette fresh as we evolve it in future model years. Wheels and trim finishes are also items that we are interested in. Based on the survey responses, here are some examples of exterior items that received quite a bit of interest:

* Additional exterior paint options
* Chrome front grille
* Hood struts for 03s and 04s
* Two-tone paint
* Wheel designs
* Chrome handles
* Hood scoop
* Louvered hood
* Rear-deck spoiler
* Side ground effects
* Stripes like Chevelle SS
* Slide-out tray for easy bed loading and unloading
* Trailer hitch converter for bike racks, etc.

I’m happy to report that many items suggested for the interior already are being pursued. Continuing to offer new electronics, colors and trims is needed to keep the SSR fresh and relevant. Some of the interesting interior suggestions include:

* Compass/temperature readouts
* XM Radio
* OnStar
* Additional sound deadening
* Advanced sound system (for XM, MP3, etc.)
* Tire pressure monitors
* Two-tone interiors

The SSR received substantial powertain improvements for 2005. The LS2 engine addresses the desire for more power, and when coupled with the availability of the six speed manual transmission it provides the performance attributes that many have craved. Aside from increased horsepower, the list centered around additional finishes and colors. We are looking to bring more chrome and colors to the engine compartment as well as to various suspension components. This will be done primarily through accessories, which means that they will be available for existing SSR owners as well as future ones.

On behalf of Chevrolet, I want to thank not only the two of you, but all of the members who took time to provide input. We do appreciate it, and find this information extremely useful as we chart the future course for the SSR.


Bob Walczyk
Product/Marketing Manager
Chevy SSR
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This is great! What a great feeling to be listened to and the response from GM is wonderful. I love the tray and soft side bags.
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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