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What a crock! The saying goes as you know, if it's not broke, don't fix it! Okay, this should be easy, if these bulbs come out, then they can be replaced, and not by replacing the whole AC unit. Tell them , don't ask, for them to look up the part number & order it. I doubt very seriously these guys have memorised the parts catalog for the SSR. Let them know your not bringing in the SSR for their mechs to have show and tell on.

Here is another thing, have them show you in print that it says to replace the entire AC unit. I kinda dought that it's in print. More like they don't want to order just the bulbs.

While your there, ask him were your spare tire and jack is at. :lol

Somebody out there with a shop manual, take a look for Dorsey and see if there is a number.

If all else fails, try and rewire them with LED's.
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