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under warranty

ddprice1 said:
My 2003 SSR had all three back lights go out on the A/C control box. I pulled the three strange looking bulbs and went to my two local Chevy dealers for replacement. I was told by both dealers that the bulbs were not replaceable and I needed to buy a whole new A/C Control unit to get the new bulbs. Imagine my surprise at this answer so I wrote GM describing this ludicrous option. Well, GM sent me a canned reply that I will have to work with a local dealer and referred me back to the two dealers I had dismissed as being totally SSR unaware. It seems my only option is to take it in and have the A/C control unit replaced under warranty.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, had they found an aftermarket bulb that would work?


Tucson, AZ

If gm is submitting this as a warranty repair to the mfr. of the a/c unit then it has to be submitted as a complete unit, not in pieces. We run into this all the time where I work. We are continuously sending in entire subassemblies that are under mfr. warranty instead of just fixing whatever happens to be wrong with them. :flag
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