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anyone know where i can get the under hood insert emblem ?
Dakota Doc Martin and, I believe, Dragon2U 'both have versions of this available. Use the Advanced Search under TOOLS above to find threads which talk about their product and provide contact information.

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Jr Tritton, Welcome from Forney Texas!!! You will discover that you have found the BEST FORUM ever! -----Consider going to "Tools" in the red banner, click on "User CP" go to "Your Profile" then click "Edit Your Details". Then, whenever you "post" something, it will show in the left column under your name, like the rest of us, and we will know where you are and what you drive. Then if you have a problem, someone close by might be able to help out.

--Also if you haven't yet, go to "FORUMS", "SSRFanatics News & Polls", "New Member section" and introduce Yourself!

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