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Ran across these pictures recently and thought they might be of interest to some. Was for sale but that was 2 years ago.....claimed to be a 2006. Gives a look we don't often see.


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Soooooo...... it's a 2006 chassis with a 5.3 liter engine. Wonder if it is a 4L60 or a 4L65 TRANS...
I remember calling Reed Schram about this but unfortunately I do not have a paper trail.
I recall confirming the VIN as 22180 on the chassis they had for sale at the time, but either the picture was in question or they plopped a 5.3 engine cover on the 6.0?
Here is another picture with the 5.3 cover and three of MY 2005 #19607 - 6L

#22180 Rolling Frame-5.3 eng cover.jpg
Another picture of the chassis in Post #1
SSR Rolling Chassis 07.jpg SSR Rolling Chassis 24.jpg SSR Rolling Chassis 03.jpg
MY2005 #19607 - 6.0L

Ooops - it was Tom Gonzalez @ CPAP.
Here are my notes from the Deceased Thread. It would appear as they posted the incorrect pictures on the original ebay listing, and the pictures in Post #1 are of some '03-'04 rolling chassis, not #22180.
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