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SSR viable Vette alternative??

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Hi all, new here.

I just bought a 2004 (C5) Corvette Coupe. Haven't even made 1 payment yet, but my lien is about $10k less than the current value anyhow.

Basically I think I have to get rid of the Vette due to comfort issues - first with my fiancee (bad knee killing her while getting in and out, seating position hurting her lower back and leg) - and now with ME as well! My right leg lately gets awfully sore trying to find a comfortable position, and I use Cruise as often as possible so I can move the leg to comfort. I believe my girl now, I didn't initially.

So I set off looking at other vehicles of all shapes and sizes - Caddy CTS, Infiniti FX, C6 Corvette, lots of different things.

Anyways, having a 2 seater with a nice-sized storage area behind me, and a removable top, is really kind of perfect for me as I rarely carted rear-seat passengers anyhow... So that's why I was inclined to look at maybe the new C6 vette, as I've heard the interior redesign is great, especially the seat quality.

Fast-forward to today. Went to the local dealer to check out a C6. They'll let me sit in it, but NOT test drive. Boo, hiss. But I want to see one in the color I want anyways - Sunset Orange. Guy says, we have one in the upper lot, let's have a look. Walking around we pass a couple of SSRs, and I say "hey, I wouldn't mind checking these out either". So when we got back from looking at the Vette the guy runs and grabs the key for one of the SSRs, an Aqua Blur '05. $10k less than a Vette right off the bat, I'm listening...

I didn't have time in my lunch hour left by that point to test drive it, so I'm going to on Saturday I think. Really was nice to sit in though, more space than I thought there would be, head/hip/shoulder wise. Seats were instantly more comfortable than my C5. Only thing I saw glaringly wrong was the lack of a proper cupholder area, but I have a hunch I could easily fabricate one to fit behind the shifter, in the space where the add-on gauges go. Sound from the new engine was mean and snarly, and the power top, while noisy, was smooth to operate - I only wish the button didn't have to be held down the whole time. The car should know I don't want the top halfway between up and down, eh?

Now, I don't care so much about dragrace-winning performance, I know the Vette can't be beat domestically anyways, I just want it solid and able to get out of its own way, and handle itself where and when it counts. Does the SSR live up pretty well? Does it have any luxury to the ride, for relaxed cruising? I understand it's somewhat softer-suspended than the Vette, which is why I ask.

Also, what should one be paying for this beast? 1SB and such, I like heated seats for the cold months. (The guy told me my GMID # would get me a price of 47 grand on this one, but I can buy one with a thousand miles on it up the street for 35.)

Sorry for the novel - this is the 4th forum I've joined in as many days, to try and get the inside scoop on several different cars.

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We have a 98 Vette and an 04 SSR, both daily drivers. We thoroughly enjoy both of them, and they each have their own distinct personalities. If I had to get rid of one of them I think it would be a really hard decision.

You already decided the Vette doesn't work for you, so I would grab an SSR before I setlled on a "regular" car. It is as much fun as the Vette, and honestly gets a whole lot more attention! There are cupholders, which are a lot more adequate than the Vette, and I really like the Homelink system too. The power issue on the 2004 can be remedied with a few minor mods, like exhaust and the long-awaited Vararam system - we paid less than $1000. for a dual exhaust system that has really woken the engine up, and I can imagine the Vararam induction system, when it is released, will be the icing on the cake! The only issue I have is there's nowhere to put my giant purse when there are two of us in the car, whereas in the Vette you can put it on the deck behind the seat.

As for age, we're in between. I'm 42 and my husband is 36. We decided a long time ago that sports cars would be more fun than kids - so far it's working for us! :lol
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