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SSR,what you need to do.

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if you dont fix this heat problem later on the real big problems will come to you. ok here it goes and please correct me if i am wrong. at 4700 lbs there is a lot of stress on this cooling system it will have to be adjusted by you since it was the first auto to be made on a computer(entirely) the computer couldnt figure stress. 1.air intake has to have more flow. 2.exhaust has to be a true duel system with 3" pipes from head to toe and a muffler that does not have a back flow.3.a duel fan system w/after shut off cooling.4.perma cool automatic transmission cooler(heavey duty)since the temp gets to almost boiling point at normal driving.i can not stress enough on how heat will do damage to this machine we ALL have come to love. chevey made (computer) on this concept some errors in judgement so it will be up to us to correct the computer. total for all adjustments. $40.00 for air filter(high performance) $700.00 for exhaust system.$500.00 for duel fan system.$60.00 for tranie cooler. total $1300.00. good luck.
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I don't think so. Good Luck.
My temp is just fine. This sounds a bit extremed to me.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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