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SSR wheels

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Does anyone know if the paint on the SSR wheels is powder coating or wet paint?
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Chrome SSR Wheels

My dealer will sell me chrome SSR wheels from the factory for 1586 Dollars .Is that a good deal?
Ssr Wheels

I'd shop around for the chrome wheels (dealer quoted price appears high) or at least try GM Parts Direct. I'm looking for one 20 inch wheel if anyone wants to sell.

HI Bert,

YES.... that is a great price! It is a $1,500.00 option. Buy them and sell your regular wheels and you will be ahead! Those chrome wheels are truly awesome!!!! (especialy at night) :thumbs
after-market wheels

i recently purchesed a set of Billet Specialties Wheels for my SSR. They had to be custom made and were pretty pricey though. I think it is worth the money. (You decide) It looks great to me. They are too big to be attatched to this thread. Just look at my ssr pictures.
who is your dealer? My dealer gave me A price of 1644.04+tax =1759.12
I'll take his #
Stock GM Chrome Wheels

Hey Keyssr,

I still think you will be much better off buying the GM chrome wheels and selling your standard issue wheels. Even if you were only able to get $500.00 for your orginal wheels, just my opinon, but I think you will still be getting a good deal.

Keyss dealer price $1,759.12 vs..............GM MSRP Sticker $1,500.00
...sell stock wheels $ 500.00............ *see below INV Disc. $1,335.00

w/ difference $1,259.12 / save few $$$

* SSR @ GM discount; approx. 10% off MSRP :(

Ps. :) YES... the place to buy some GM products at a good price is to visit


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Thank's guys

I ordered my wheels yesterday and should have them in a week. I will be selling my stock ones. I got that price because I bought the truck there.
This is my fifth Chevy Truck and I really dig this one, the other four were Z-71's
And the chicks really love it. The guage package is next and I can get that for 260 the same as
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