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California Crusin...

( Funn 4 2..I didnt see you cruisin)
Spent the last 2 days in Southern California..started in China town in Los Angeles then on to
Hollywood and had everyone and his cousin taking pics from
every angle..Took the top down by Grauman's Chinese theater
and that did followed down streets and freeways
heading to Coranado and Imperial Beach..finger pointing
every where!!
Crazy drivers sped up to check out the front then hang back to see the rest..Switching 6 to 7 lanes going 70 to 80 plus miles per hour!!!Scarry!!! But she gets up and goes!!
After 1500 miles it still averages 17.9 miles per gallon at that speed and lots of city driving.
No problems with the top or much else except my slamming the glove compartment door..will try the tip suggested by someone on this forum..
Just ordered the vanity plate today..(My husband and I
use to travel in an RV and recently disposed of it so now the vanity plate for this will say SSRV on the Las Vegas Commemorative plate.. Having fun in my red SSR
Your ladyinred, Lizz (PS..I love it!!!!!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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