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Good news for Saturday night

We will have a group dinner at the Pasta Factory - 1 1/2 blocks from Rotary Park. They have a section that can handle 30 - 36, but they can accommodate more at smaller tables.

I tentatively booked for 36, with a cap of 60 total. Please post if you're coming, and note if you want ribs so they can adjust their preparations. No need to make individual reservations.

Dinner will be at 8 PM, following the 5 PM Saturday Winding Road Cruise.

For those of you not going on the Winding Road Cruise, feel free to go early and get the party started.

We also know that many of you have plans to meet with family or friends on Saturday, or other dinner plans, so this is intended for those without other commitments.

We will park our SSRs in Rotary Park after the cruise, and walk 1 1/2 blocks up Martin St to the Pasta Factory. Parking on the street is limited, so better to be safely in the park. For those staying at the Lakeside, it also means freedom to enjoy a libation or two with no concerns.

Because we are reserving for 8 PM, the additional good news is that we can pick from their full menu instead of a pasta buffet.

Pasta Factory Menu

Menu | The Pasta Factory

***Their Saturday evening special is a rack of ribs - if that appeals to you, please add a note after your names so we can track how many rib dishes they need to make available.

34 Coming to the Pasta Factory

Cash - Dale - 1 ribs
Poker Guy - Lance and Debbi
KellyO - Cyndy and Kelly
rons03 - Ron and Jody - 2 ribs
ABLUR05 - David
Flassh - Ray
Hollister SSR - Dennis and Sue
TrucknRod - Dennis and Pam - 2 ribs
GR8TYM - Jack and Carol - 2 ribs
BlastfromPast - Bob and Melinda
Rope - 1 Ribs
Deb & Mike - 1 Ribs
Max - 1 Ribs
SSR Lou - Lou and Yvonne
xs-cash - Nathan and Bernie
Old Goat - Curtis - ribs
JazzySSR - Art and Mary
- Ernie and Anna
- Mark and Donna - 1 ribs
runningwild36 - Gino and Rose

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Probably , maybe. Yup ! Lol
You gotta quit speaking in code. Does that mean you're probably coming, and if so yup to ribs?

If you make me guess I'm not adding you to the list.>:)

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I'm relying on you guys to make sure I carry through and actually order the ribs this time! HaHa!
OK, here's the deal: Any time you even CONSIDER ordering something besides the ribs - you owe me a beer! :cheers

Bob :purple:
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