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Why SSR's are better than women.
(with advance apologies to the ladyinred and others, nothing personal)

1. SSR's don't talk back.
2. SSR's don't need foreplay.
3. SSR's don't mind you drinking when rubbing them with Zaino.
4. SSR's don't need sparkles (diamonds)
5. SSR's don't mind when your watching Nascar in the garage.
6. SSR's don't mind you going fast.
7. SSR's don't mind you looking at other women.
8. SSR's don't mind what restaurant you're going to.
9. SSR's don't mind taking their top off in public.
10. SSR's have the option of turning the airbag off.
11. SSR's love 24/7 attention.
12. SSR's love being covered up in the garage.
13. SSR's don't mind people staring at them.

Did I miss any? :lol

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:agree and......when ur done using don't have to tip'm.:party
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