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Just checking to see if the first five orders have received and/or installed their StabiliSSR. Shipping metal through the mail, I worry that Homeland Security has held them up. All other orders shipped this weekend and should be in hand shortly.

I am curious to see if the product instructions were clear and the results were what you expected. I'm thrilled with mine and hope your's are equally good. They are still listed on Ebay at:

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Have not recieved mine yet, looking for it this week. Will install and get back to all.
Got mine last friday

Believe I was the first in the initial three available. Shipped in a timely manner, truck has beeniat the detailer since last friday so not installed yet.

Looks like a good product. All hardware and instructions complete enough so an novice w/drill can install it. That includes me.


Peace :flag
Question: How will StabiliSSR work with or against the new Axiom chin spoiler? Any speculation?
jammadave said:
Question: How will StabiliSSR work with or against the new Axiom chin spoiler? Any speculation?

Haven't had full investigation of this stabilizer - but I am sure it will work fine.
The chin spoiler attaches simply to the existing lower mount locations used by the Existing fascia - so it does not interfere with the area behind the actual OEM fascia.

Honestly, once you pull your OEM fascia off, it is so rubbery, if you don't have two people to hold each side, it folds right in HALF!!! Like a wet towel :lol

Thats why I am partial to our replacement fascia, its solid, fiberglass, no wobble.
This stabilzer is a great idea! :flag
Not yet.

I have not received mine yet. But I am looking forward to it.

Got 'em

They came in today. Looks like a lot of care went into the product and the instructions. I will install this weekend.
Got mine on friday, installed that afternoon. Took about 30 min. on each side, works great. Instructions were easy and simple to follow. Fantastic product. :thumbs

got them last mon the 9th. just finished installing them. they sure make the facia very rigid and solid. the screw hole closest to the left tire. on drivers side was not in the facia just past where it curved back in. so 2 screws thru all and one thru just the melal pieces. I dont know if they changed the facia slightly on the 05's or not. had to trim about 1/16" off the tire side of the 3 hole washer to miss bracket where the big bolt went. Right side went picture perfect. over all very pleased with the stableissr's. :thumbs :ssr :flag :ssr :seeya

The StabiliSSR's are back on ebay at a discounted price at
Discount for SSR Fanatics

Are you still offering the $5.00 off if bought direct from you instead of Ebay?

If so, send me a paypal address and I will forward funds.

Texster: Can I buy direct from you, I'm not set up for paypel or E-bay. I'll send you personel check in advance if it's ok. Advise, Scheide.

Check your Private Messages on this forum. I left you a note.

Chris in Texas
Mines on order

I hope to get it this week while I'm on vacation. I go to work at 5:00 am and I see the vibration in the lights. Hope this helps.

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