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For Sale: The StabiliSSR hardware kit for the front bumper of a Chevrolet SSR. The front bumper is made of a flexible plastic that has considerable movement while driving. You can see the movement by grabbing hold of the bumper below the running lights and observing the flex in the system. You can also guage the amount of movement by turning on your running lights at night (center button on headlight switch) and watching the amount of jiggle that you see in the headlight pattern.

What the StabiliSSR does is connect the lower part of the bumper to the frame, giving a completely stable and solid look and feel to the car. The StabiliSSR is custom formed to match the curve of the bottom of the bumper and is made of .125" aluminum and will never rust. The bracket is bolted behind the bumper is is completely out of view unless you crawl under the truck and look behind the bumper.

All hardware required for the upgrade is included. You will need a drill, screw driver, and wrenches, and the installation will take about 30min. Complete instructions and templates for drilling into the hidden lip of the bumper are included. Minimal mechanical skills are required. I have installed these on my SSR and taken it over 100MPH to make sure that the system will hold and not damage the bumper. It works great and totally eliminates the bumper shake that the stock setup has. Again, the installation is easy. Bring your SSR to Austin, Tx and I'll do the install for free, it's that easy.

You can find the StabiliSSR listed on Ebay by seaching for stabilissr or email me at [email protected]. Please include "StabiliSSR" in the title and I will send a request for payment from PayPal to the sending email address. There is a 10% discount for SSR Fanatic supporting members. The price is $40.00 with free shipping. A copy of the installation instructions are included in this post so you can see exactly how it works and the skill involved to install.

Check posts in the Tech discussion on this forum to see the reactions from other SSR owners. I think you will find this to be a great addition to your SSR.


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Just got an email from Chris...He should have something posted by week's end.
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