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I had noticed lately that the SSR seemed weak and sounding funny after turning the key. Yes, I have a brand new Odyssey Battery that replaced the Optima and a new negative Battery Cable.
So, I came across the DIY “Car Won’t Start”. I printed it out and gave it to the shop to check while the car is on the lift replacing the Rack & Pinion. Well, lo and behold, you need a new Starter. I opted for the Bosch after having dealt with a “new” not “new-remanufactured” defective AC Delco Power Steering Pump and Master Cylinder. Looking at the original GM Part or old stock AC Delco part versus new stock AC Delco, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

SR8581N Bosch Starter
So, thank you Dictator for saving me from the agony of getting stuck plus the cost of the flatbed to the shop.
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