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Last Saturday drove 30 miles to play golf in a tournment. On the drive, had some wheel vibration at different speeds I don't reach in town. Also the front left looked like "cupping" has started to occur.
Yesterday went to my tire guy, for a wheel rebalance. Have not had this done before, but with 21K miles, thought it was time.

Some results...Done on a spin balancer

right front wheel read 0.0...good.... air was 31 lbs
left front was off good......air was 29 lbs
right rear was off .25...eehh OK......air was 30 lbs
left rear was off 2.25...not good......air was 30 lbs

The left rear has two patches from nails being removed, and the front has one patch as well.

rebalanced the two, aired all up to 32 lbs.

Could feel the difference just driving the town streets and a major difference on the highway. The vibration I attributed to roads being uneven etc., was indeed in the tires.
Moral of the story is if you get patches, don't wait for the vibration, get the tire rebalanced when the patch is installed.


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