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Still amazing to me!
Took a cruise over to a car show to visit some old pinstripeing buddy’s Saturday. I crossed with the tunnel.

Crossing into the U.S.of A. Customs officer say’s … How do you like that ride? … Can you drop that top for me? … I guess I should have you open up the back to please. She looks good. Nave a nice day.

Crossing back to Canada … customs officer says … Why don’t I see these on the road? … This is the first one I have seen off the lot. Are only collectors buying these? … I have not seen any here in Windsor other than Dan Kane’s lot.

This is at the highest volume boarder crossing, between our two countries.
27000 / 29000 units per day …

I will have to get my sister in-law to do a survey with her coworkers at the bridge, to see just how many SSR's have been seen crossing.

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Same here


I was at a T intersection on a back road and a couple was walking and asked me "What is That " ! I told them and then cycled the top up , and then down. I could swear both of their mouths were on the ground ! I love my truck ! :cool

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To work the smilies is real easy. When you go to post there is a box next to where you are typing. Just click on any of the smilies :) and they will appear in the post. :thumbs You will see them in the typing field only as words, colons, etc. If you click on the link that says [More] at the bottom of the smilies you will open another window with some more. Same thing, just click on one or more.

Some of the ones that Marc comes up with are linked from another site and takes a little more effort to get them to work.

Give it a try :seeya :cheers


BobA said:
:glol :glol :yesnod I think that cave is the size of Texas with enough :eek people to fill New York. :lol
I've said it before and will again. When I first got my SSR, I thought, as people asked me what kind of vehicle it was (not knowing if it was truck/car), was it a concept, was it new etc., :confused I thought they must live under a rock or they are like my husband and never watch commercials (gotta love that remote control gene!!!) However, I run into more people who don't know what it is vs those who do.

Although I get a lot of compliments (like what a bad#$% Cheverolet, it's awesome, it's wicked, etc) I don't understand GMs marketing on the SSR. There is so much potential for marketing and commercials... truck commercials, convertible commercials. If they want the SSR to fly (and I believe most folks on this site would agree) they need to invest in the marketing.

What's up - why the lack of devotion from GM? Passion ignites!
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