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Still amazing to me!

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Still amazing to me!
Took a cruise over to a car show to visit some old pinstripeing buddy’s Saturday. I crossed with the tunnel.

Crossing into the U.S.of A. Customs officer say’s … How do you like that ride? … Can you drop that top for me? … I guess I should have you open up the back to please. She looks good. Nave a nice day.

Crossing back to Canada … customs officer says … Why don’t I see these on the road? … This is the first one I have seen off the lot. Are only collectors buying these? … I have not seen any here in Windsor other than Dan Kane’s lot.

This is at the highest volume boarder crossing, between our two countries.
27000 / 29000 units per day …

I will have to get my sister in-law to do a survey with her coworkers at the bridge, to see just how many SSR's have been seen crossing.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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