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Last month I told you about the strange problems happening with my 05. They included: ABS/park brake/service engine light/TC lights suddenly came on, major loss of power, car in second gear, door locks intermmitently locked and unlock by themselves, gear shift indicator & speedometer didn't work. At that point I thought the car might have been possessed! :eek When I posted this, most people thought it might be the iginition switch - and so did I.

I dropped the car off at the dealer and it took them some time to diagnose the problem. There were no bulletins on this problem but eventually GM's TAC people suggested the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Module replaced and everything back to normal. Thank goodness for warranty and a good dealer! :)

By the way, I am also now preparing for the Ignition Switch problem when it occurs - and plan to carry a spare and the intructions on how to change it. Special thanks to those who continue to provide assistance on this forum!

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