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Stupid SSR Hazzard To Watch For.....

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Well, in my opinion every cool car or truck should have a picture with a woman on the hood of it!!!!
At the Cherry blossom cruise, Me and Big Jim's wife were actually thinking about it, but neither of us HAS A DEATH WISH!!!!
We figured the guys would put down the cameras and kill us .....
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'no Girl"

No girl on the hood or even close by, she's ( :ssr ) sexy with out that :glol
Down South

dingbat said:
Thank goodness your web cam isn't hooked into this site. :lol
:agree They not only live down south but alot of they body parts have gone south too!!!! :glol :glol :glol
An SSR's Wife

An SSR's Wife said:
Let me guess... You are not married, or your wife is no where around, otherwise you would never get away with that reply!!!!!! ;)
Been married for 35 years she understands that my :ssr is the other women in my life!! :lol :lol :lol
I am the wife

An SSR's Wife said:
I'll believe that one when she tells us that herself !!!!!! :rolleyes:
I know who the number 1 woman in his life is. But I don't mind a bit that he has a love affair with his truck :thumbs
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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