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I was reading the emissions sticker under the front hood of my 05 SSR and I was pleasantly surprised to read that the 6.0L engine meets the SULEV (MDV (3751-5750) BIN 8 / SULEV) standards (Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle).

As the GVWR increases for a vehicle the amount of pollutants per mile allowed for the rating increases. A SULEV truck is allowed more pollutants than a car (under 3750 GWVR) to classified as a SULEV.

The 2003/2004 SSR, with a 5.3L engine, is rated as a ULEV vehicle in CA. The 2005 SSR, with a 6.0L engine, is rated as a SULEV. That means that the standard the 2005 6.0L engine complies with allows only 50 percent (approx.) of the pollutants that the 5.3L engine was allowed.


Emission Catagories

CA Air Resources Board Certified Vehicles Listing
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