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Sun visor decals

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Has anyone tried to get the air bag decals off the sun visors? :D
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I've had two GM vehicles that I couldn't get the visor stickers off. The first was my wifes' 2002 Monte Carlo and the second is the SSR. This problem is discussed in the Z06 website I've attached. It doesn't seem like there's an easy solution.


Visor Stickers Thread
Visor Sticker

This (removing visor stickers) was the first thing I tried to do on my 03 SSR. I couldn't even get them "started" and gave up......fearful that the adhesive would look worse. As someone requested, if there is a secret way of removing them, please share. I hate those stickers. Thanks.
Sun Visor Lables

On the Sebring forum it's been found that Un-DU, Sticker Lifter, and Goo Gone all worked fine. Also 90% Isopropol alcohol works as well. TCE also works.

This is the link to that post.
Also this post.

I haven't tried it myself, but as best I recall the lables on my Sebring and SSR are similar. The worst case it that a new visor would have to be purchased.

I would suggest not scrubbing. Let the cleaner do the work. Hard scrubbing will mark the underlying surface.
I hate the visor labels also

First thing I bought were two cd holders that cover the visor (plus I can carry a tone of good tunes). I worried about someone stealing the whole lot, but have left them about a dozen times thusfar and no one has taken them --- yet.
Elaine in Mississippi (low crime area) lol
Redline Red SSR
Removed both visor stickers today 15 min, Used 90% Isopropyl alcohol. Soaked a paper towel and held against sticker for a minute and rubbed it off. Cleaned with clean paper towel and alcohol and treated with leather protectant. Perfect!
The first modification I did after I got Ilsa was to cover the air bag stickers with SSR stickers - much better.
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